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BBC - 'Words First' animated poetry

I was commissioned by the BBC and Calling the Shots to bring to life two poems - (one) 'After the After Party' by Eve Atkinson and (two) 'Sacrilege' by Billie Meredith. These were created for release on the BBC, iPlayer, and for screening at a UK poetry festival.

I approached these in two completely different styles, both using hand-drawn animation and focusing on the voice of the poet. It was a privilege directing these: highlighting the unique poetic styles of each writer, while ensuring we worked to the deadline and budget to deliver a creative visual interpretation that enhances their work.

Below are short extracts from the films!

Produced by - Calling the Shots, Ellie Land

Sound design - Laurence Nelson

Animation assistance on Sacrilege - Joanna Sousa Pinto

Colour assistance on After the After Party - Elena Gamper

Behind the Scenes

After the After Party - Still 1
After the After Party - Still 2
After the After Party - Still 3
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