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Guts UK

50 year ANNIVERSARY film

Guts UK is the only charity funding research into the digestive system from top to tail. This wonderful group was celebrating their 50th anniversary, and was rebranding to celebrate and inform the world of their new, more public-facing approach.

As a part of this I was brought on board to develop a cast of diverse characters - both human and organs, and develop an animation to launch this mission using a 50 second script. The result followed the lead of the Guts UK rebrand, ensuring it was fun, organic, and approachable - but also conveying the serious need for more research into our guts and support for their vital work.

Guts UK feels like a breath of fresh air - their clear, informative approach peppered with humour and a strong sense of community. As such I wanted the animation to embody this - bringing something fresh and new.

Drawing on the idea that our guts are as un-explored as the deep sea or space, I created landscapes of the world inside our guts based on alien and underwater imagery. 

Guts UK Header Image 1.png
Guts UK Header Image.png
Guts UK Scientist

Tto ensure the science felt fresh, urgent, and full of discovery we developed an atypical looking laboratory and a young scientist, engaging the organ characters in the research.

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