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The Untold Story of Brain Injury - with SameYou's Emilia Clarke

SameYou (an incredibly fresh charity pioneering in the brain injury recovery space) needed something to capture their message and aims, connect with their community, and spread the word.


I developed this concept to do just that - reaching out to the brain injury community and gathering recordings of their stories. I then edited over 30 voices into one cohesive tapestry.

Each brain injury journey is different - so it was vital to showcase as many voices as possible and not congeal them into one experience, but to highlight common themes and threads throughout. This complemented 'The Untold Story of Brain Injury' report that I illustrated for SameYou, analysing several thousand stories of survivors.

The animation premiered at an event in Soho, with a panel including Emilia Clarke and experts from the NHS, WHO and other organisations discussing the challenges that face us all in brain injury recovery - as it is something that will directly impact 1 in 3 of us.

As the focus of the animation was on the voices of the survivors, I focused on more limited visuals that carried the emotional weight but didn't overstep. 

I leaned heavily on visual metaphor, representing people through deconstructed shards filled with texture and movement.

I was very lucky to work with the incredible Flo Layer as producer, Rich Bond at Wise Tree Studios for the music and mix, and Abby Jarman for consulting and writing.

SameYou Orb
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